In Kaiserslautern: Will Dresden become a regicide?

In Kaiserslautern: Will Dresden become a regicide?

Raven black is the sky above Kaiserslautern. The Red Devils seem to say goodbye to the 2nd Bundesliga once again – and take a big bag full of tradition with them. Just 29 points in 30 games went to Betzenberg, which is probably far too little, especially this season. Probably because the second-class train has still not completely run out of steam for the Lauterer. They are currently eight points behind until relegation, so hope is still allowed. However, the dreaming could already be history this weekend. For the 1st FC Kaiserslautern, the game will be on Sunday (22 April 2018) at 13.30 in the Fritz Walter Stadium in Kaiserslautern against the Keller competitor of Dynamo Dresden. The Dresdeners are currently in 15th place and basically only need a threesome to get their breath back. April 22, 2018 at 13.30 o’clock

  • Place: Fritz-Walter-Stadium in Kaiserslautern
  • FCK: 18th place, 29 points, 36:50 goals
  • Dresden: 15th place, 37 points, 40:49 goals


  • Mau: Only one FCK victory in the last 5 games
  • Hoffen: At home Lautern is undefeated for 3 games
  • Much: In 5 of the last 6 games in Dresden both teams
  • Crash: Dynamo won only 2 of the last 7 games
  • Highlights: 7 times in a row this duel ended in Over 2.5

form curve of the teams

It will be the highest railway in Kaiserslautern! The Red Devils are swirling towards the descent and can only save themselves with a good portion of luck. However, exactly this topic has been critical in the last weeks, because the people from Lauterlautern were not particularly successful. The only positive aspect is that they have always scored at least one goal in the last eight matches. However, only three victories were scored. In the last five games, for example, there was only a three-goal win in the 4-1 defeat of MSV Duisburg. Apart from that, they went down 1:2 against Fürth, 2:3 against Bochum and two draws against Regensburg (1:1) and Pauli (1:1). Dynamo has only 37 points on his account and is thus only in 15th place – level on points with St. Pauli in 16th place. The last few appearances have not necessarily created a better atmosphere. The only victory in the last five games was in a test match against Viktoria Zizkov. Apart from that, the Dresdeners lost 1-1 each against Nuremberg and Braunschweig, and against Kiel (0-4) and Ingolstadt (2-4) they suffered bitter defeats again. Good for Dynamo is actually only that with a victory in this narrow table a big step forward could be made again.

Estimation: On both sides there is a fear of descent. In Lautern the situation is much more dramatic, because here a bankruptcy is absolutely forbidden.

Statistical and direct comparison

There have been only 15 duels between Kaiserslautern and Dynamo Dresden. Actually astonishing, after all both are real traditional clubs. The Teufel vom Betzenberg clearly scored better in these encounters. Lautern has recorded ten victories, FCK has only lost this duel three times. Two other games ended in a draw. The hosts are also pleased that not a single match has been lost at home to Dresden since 2013. Instead, the hosts have won three games, twice 3-0 and once even 4-0. In any case, this duel was by no means boring in the last games, but rather brought to light seven times in a row in Over 2.5.

estimation: Kaiserslautern presents itself well against Dresden. Especially in its own stadium, there have been strong wins in the last few years.

Recommendable bets and odds

More relegation battle is almost impossible. If Kaiserslautern wins this thing, hope will germinate once again at Betzenberg. For Dresden, this would again be tantamount to slipping into very low regions of the table. Very pleasing from a neutral point of view is that both teams do not stop scoring goals. Recently, both sides have been ringing the bell, which of course fits in perfectly with the record of this duel. We therefore take the Over 1.5 as a conservative recommendation, for which Betway provides the best betting odds with a 1.25. In addition to this, we also recommend the Both2Score B2S, which is best quoted at Bet3000 with a 1.65. Especially in the current phase it is difficult to find a favourite. However, due to the home right we see Lautern a bit ahead, who are unbeaten at home since three games. Speculatively, i.e. with an increased risk, we therefore recommend home win 1, for which Tipico offers the best odds with a 2.70.

estimate: Despite the relegation battle, both teams attach importance to the offensive. They have to, because only with victories you can leave the basement. We therefore use the Both2Score B2S and the odds of 1.65 for this game.

Wett-recommendations from the editorial staff

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