Italy vs. Greece betting tip, forecast & odds ” 12.10.19

Italy vs. Greece betting tip, forecast & odds ” 12.10.19

We want to start, as always, this European Championship qualification forecast with the starting position in Group J, where both teams play. Italy is the undisputed leader with 18 points and hasn’t opened its eyes yet. Greece is neither second nor third, not even fourth. No, the Greeks are only in fifth place and have collected just as many points. The gap to second place, which Finland occupies, is already seven points. But because the competition is also weak and unstable, see Armenia and Bosnia, nothing seems to be lost yet. A corresponding final sprint is required. This match will be kicked off anyhow on Saturday (12 October) at 20.45 o’clock in the old-venerable Olympico in the capital Rome.

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Italy vs. Greece in fast run

    • Mating: Italy – Greece
    • Competition: European Championship qualification 2019/20
    • round: 7th matchday, group J
    • kick: Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 20.45 am
    • Location: Olimpico, Rome (Italy)
    • Italy: 1st place, 18 points, 18:3 goals
    • Greece: 5th place, 18:3 goals

liGreece: 5th place, 18:3 goals

liGreece: 5th place, 18:3 goals

liliGreece: 5th place, 18:3 goals

liliGreece: 5th place, Rome (Italy)

liItaly: 1st place, 18:3 goals, 18:3 goals

5. 5th place, 5 points, 7:10 goals

EM Qualification Betting tip prediction: Numbers games

  • Makellos: The Squadra Azzurra has won all previous six qualifying games
  • Ambussively: Greece did not come out against Liechtenstein beyond a 1:1 score
  • Polls: Thus the Greeks have been waiting for a three-way match for six games
  • Series: The Squadra Azzurra has not lost for ten matches
  • Win: Apropos ten: In ten duels, the Hellenes won only once against Italy

EM-Qualification Prognosis: Form curve of the teams

The Italian national soccer team had been like sliced bread in the EM-Quali until now. All six games were victorious. All in all, the Southern Europeans have now been unbeaten for exactly ten international matches. The Squadra Azzurra conceded their last defeat in Portugal’s 0-1 UEFA Nations League victory. Since then, they have had eight wins and two draws in a test against Ukraine (1-1) and Portugal (0-0) in the Nations League. However, the last result is definitely important for the European Championship qualification forecast: Italy won 2:1 against strong Finns on the road.

Greek embarrassment against the Football Dwarf

In Greece, the fans of the national team probably thought it would no longer be worse and worse. But far from it. In the last match, even against Liechtenstein, it was not enough to win the trio. The game ended disappointingly 1:1. Since the 2:0 in the first leg of the football dwarf, the Greek national team has been waiting for a victory for six games. Bosnia-Herzegovina were still 2-2, and the 0-1 draw in Finland was worth all the credit, but also unsuccessful. The home games against Italy (0:3) and especially against Armenia (2:3) were Greek tragedies. However, twelve points are still to be awarded. And proud Greeks won’t be beaten in the fight for second place in advance.

Evaluation: We don’t need to beat around the bush: If you don’t beat Liechtenstein yourself at home, you will not have an easy time in Italy.

Statistical and direct comparison

Three goals were scored in the last five Italian matches. However, we don’t want to conceal in our qualification forecast that the Squadra Azzurra had to accept a conceding goal three times. So the series of eight matches with a maximum of two goals in the Italian matches seems to have been abandoned. Meanwhile, Greece have not played zero for six consecutive matches. The last time this was only possible in Liechtenstein at 2:0.


Eternal waiting for the second greek victory

For the matching EM-qualification betting tip prediction a look at the direct duels is worthwhile. Here the Italians lead in ten matches played so far with six wins and three draws. Meaning: Greece defeated the Squadra Azzurra only once – and that’s a long time ago. In a test match in 1979 with 2:1. In the first leg of the current European Championship qualification the Hellenes already had no chance at home at 0:3. In 2008 the penultimate comparison took place in all friendship, when both nations separated 1:1.

Evaluation: Italy hasn’t really opened its eyes to Greece’s footballer for decades – and probably won’t do so now.

Wet-Tipps today for Italy – Greece

It’s no big surprise that we can’t play these European Championship qualification tips with security. Only safe betting tips are suitable only for a home win 1 on Italy. And the odds are just 1.25 for the renowned bookmaker bet365. A bet you can hardly do anything wrong with. Here it’s even worth taking a look at our sports betting comparison to find one or the other good bookie with a strong betting bonus, where you could also bet this home win.

How good are the odds for Italy – Greece?

For betting tips with medium risk we go to an Under 3.0. Means: Two hits may fall. Then the bet is won. For exactly three goals you still get your stake back. You will find the best odds for this goal bet at Unibet with 1.55. Last but not least we recommend you as always of course a pick of the category risk betting tips. Here we have decided for Under 2.0 with a odds of 3.10 for your Unibet bonus. Why? Because it is to be expected that Italy will only do the most necessary – i.e. a 1:0 victory. And because Greece is not strong enough to prevent this. If two goals are scored, you’ll get your stake refunded.

Evaluation: We think the Under 3.0 is perfect with a certain security in the number of goals. Because Italy will want to win, but with as little effort as possible.

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