Switzerland: Only victory against Belgium will bring progress

Switzerland: Only victory against Belgium will bring progress

However, the Swiss still have everything in their hands and could shoot their way to the top of this group with a clear victory on Sunday (18 November 2018) at 8.45 p.m. against Belgium in the Swissporarena in Lucerne. There is only one small problem: While the analysis at the Nati is currently rather meagre, the Belgians have only had to accept a single bankruptcy in the last 20 games. So the favourite role is clearly distributed here in any case.

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Switzerland vs. Belgium in fast run

    • Pairing: Switzerland – Belgium
    • Competition: Nations League 2018/19
    • Round: 6th round. Matchday | Group 2
    • Opening: Sunday, November 18, 2018 at 20:45

liLocation: Swissporarena, Lucerne

  • Switzerland: 2nd place, 6 points, 9:3 goals
  • Belgium: 1st place, 9:3 goals

liBelgium: 2nd place, 9:3 goals/liliBelgium: 2nd place, 9:3 goals

liBelgium: 1st place, 9:3 goals

liBelgium: 1st place, 9:3 goals

liBelgium: 1st place, 1st place, 9:3 goals

Belgium: 1st. 1st place, 9 points, 7:1 goals

Nations League betting tip prediction: Numbers games

  • soresore: In the last 4 games only a Swiss victory
  • strong: In 3 games 9 goals for the Nati
  • souverän: Belgium first conceded a goal against
  • series: Since 6 games the Belgians are without bankruptcy
  • time travel: 1983 the last Swiss victory in this duel

Nations League prognosis: form curve of the teams

In the table of the group 2 it looks very decent for the Swiss Nati on the whole. Coach Vladimir Petkovic’s kickers grabbed six points in two games and are now second in the table. However, the analysis is somewhat different when looking at the last performances. In the last four games, there was only one victory for the Swiss. First they had to swallow a 0:1 against England, then they set a 1:2 pack against Belgium. The last success was then celebrated by the Nati 2-1 against Iceland, before a weak 0.1 against Qatar was shown a few days ago.

If the favourite goes its way?

The Belgians started into this group as the clear favourite. And at least until now this premonition seems to be confirmed. The red devils have scored nine points in the previous games and are currently in a really good shape. In the middle of July there was the last bankruptcy at the 0:1 against France, afterwards no more defeats were accepted in six games. Against Iceland there was in the last kick a 2:0, previously a 1:1 against the Netherlands and a 2:1 against today’s guest from Switzerland. One last step, then Roberto Martinez’s team managed to live up to their status as favourites.

Evaluation: The Belgians have gone into the group as favourites and have convinced so far. The Nati was rather less vigilant in the last games.

Statistical and direct comparison

A look at the past duels of two teams can provide a lot of information in the betting tips. So also in this case. Here, for example, it is noticeable that in the last three duels, both teams have always scored at least once. Further back, there are even hits on both sides in four of the last five encounters. In total, both nations scored 92 times in the 28 duels, which means an average of 3.28 goals per match. So here football is normally played offensively.

Belgium with a clear lead

The Swiss fans are less entertained about the results. Of the 28 duels, the Nati have only managed to secure eight so far, but at the same time they have suffered 14 defeats. Six more encounters between the two teams ended with a point split. In plain language, this means that Belgium have not lost this duel since 1983. In the four encounters since then the red devils got ten points instead.

Evaluation: Belgium has almost twice as many victories as the Swiss on the account, at the same time the red devils netted also clearly more frequently – clear thing.

Bett-Tipps today for Switzerland – Belgium

Offensive can play both teams, as the nine goals and seven goals on both sides show. Beyond that this play stands however naturally also under a special star, because the winner may continue a round. All in all you can expect a cheerful game, which is why we recommend a bet on the Over 1.5 in our Nations League forecast in the area of safe betting tips. According to sports bets, the Bookie Betway provides the best odds with a 1.30 bet. In our opinion, however, the guest is generally a little stronger. The Nations League betting tip forecast is therefore supplemented by a bet on the away win 2. For this the betting provider Betway provides the best odds with a 2.20.


How good are the odds for Switzerland – Belgium?

Complete is our Nations League forecast in this case, of course, only by an approach from the category risk betting tips. In this case we looked at the last games of the Belgians. And look there: Not even the red devils in the last three games could go into the half-time break with a lead. Instead, the decision was always made in the second 45 minutes. For this reason we supplement our betting tips today for this game or our betting tips from professionals with a recommendation for the HZ/ES X/2. The best odds are 5.25 at Betvictor, at the same time you can also use this to unlock the Betvictor bonus.

Evaluation: Belgium is qualitatively superior once again and should make everything clear here with a victory. The odds of 2.20 are quite attractive.

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