Once upon a time there was a world champion

Once upon a time there was a world champion

What were we all cheering. World champion, number one in the world. The proud soccer nation Germany was at the top. Today the country laughs. It laughs about players, coaches and results.

Main thing more tattoos than ball contacts – the motto of #The team #NEDGER

– Mat!t (@Matt29625211) October 13, 2018

#The team #nedger

final training before the game:

Süle: coach, I’m ready
Löw: Jerome, how does it look like?
Boateng: can hardly stand Trainer
Löw: okay, that’s enough for me, you play Jerome!

– Thomas (@Tomtomsen19) October 13, 2018

No more trust. To the coach, to the players and to the management. German football is in its worst crisis for decades. At the World Cup, they failed in the preliminary round. Not bad, after all it also hit the previous world champions. It was certainly only due to the lack of motivation.

It doesn’t solder anymore #nedger #gerned #dfbteam

– (pseudo) Herbert (@Herb_Watterott) October 13, 2018

How did #GERNED .
Was #the team doing well? pic.twitter.com/QU1GGUcZsF

– Stefan Teschke (@stefan_teschke) October 14, 2018

Jogi, maybe you should…

Always be in the top four teams in the world. 2014 then the big cheer: World Champion! But now it’s 2018. Now everything starts all over again. With Joachim Löw?

Thanks #Jogi #löw, #The team is now the CSU of the #NationsLeague #ciaojogi #yogibaer #GERNED

– Sebo (@Sembo) October 13, 2018

If Jogi is still looking for a zero goal striker for the France game I would have time #löwraus

– snow researcher (@schneeforschler) October 13, 2018

Almost sure is: Löw will remain coach. No matter whether his team also loses against France. Is that right? For the vast majority it’s clear: Löw has to leave. The great successes of the past no longer justify a job guarantee. We can still hope. Hope that Germany will still get its act together, find new, hungry players and let Joachim Löw cheer again in the end.

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