Our Matchbook Bonus Test: Save Matchbook Bonus 2019

Our Matchbook Bonus Test: Save Matchbook Bonus 2019

The bookmaker Matchbook offers you a Matchbook Bonus in 2019 in the form of a cash back bonus (no Matchbook Bonus Code required). As a former American sports betting provider, the company specializes in US sports and offers you innovative sports betting online and via mobile Matchbook App. In contrast to many other betting exchanges you do not have to pay betting tax. Another highlight are the extremely high odds in all sports disciplines. Especially in American Football and Basketball the Bookie achieves best results in the odds comparison, even though customers have to pay a commission of 1.15 percent on each bet. According to our matchbook experience, the provider is still relatively unknown in Germany. But this will change soon, when the high odds of 97 percent are known.

Please note Matchbook has discontinued its offer in Germany.  instead we recommend the provider Betway with its unbeatable welcome offer of up to 250 Euro!

Matchbook is operated by Triplebet Limited since 2011. The company is headquartered on the island of Alderney. Of course Matchbook has licenses. These come from Alderney and Great Britain. In England the bookmaker is also the official partner of the British horse racing sport. In the betting provider comparison the bookmaker has received a good rating. Which results the Matchbook Bonus achieves, you will now find out in this test report.

The strengths of Matchbook at a glance

The bookmaker Matchbook is not a provider who does not offer a classic standard program, but stands out from the crowd. This starts with the betting offer, which is mainly focused on US sports like basketball, baseball and American football. Tennis and soccer are offered, but are not in the first place. Another special feature are the already mentioned high betting odds. You can also choose between two different types of bets: back bets and lay bets. The back bets are the classic sports bets, as you know them from other bookmakers. With the lay bets you play the bookmaker, determine the odds and the maximum stake and offer this bet to other customers. An online casino with several hundred games provides further variety. New customers also receive a matchbook bonus in the form of a cash-back bonus of 50 euros. Whether this voucher performs well in the betting bonus comparison, we will now clarify.

Matchbook Bonus at a glance:

  • Matchbook Bonus up to 50 Euro
  • A Matchbook Bonus Code 2019 is not required
  • 10 Euro minimum deposit amount
  • Matchbook Bonus will be paid out proportionally

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Our Video: All information about the Matchbook Bonus and the provider

In our video tutorial we have summarized various sports betting strategies for you, with which you can easily clear every bonus. You should know these tactics well, because this is the only way to successfully unlock the bonus and make a profit. Since the Matchbook Bonus is different from other welcome bonuses, these tips are even more important. They give you a good start and are also the first step towards becoming a betting professional. The Matchbook Bonus is not an ordinary welcome bonus, but a cashback of up to 50£/Euro. The cashback is paid out in small increments of £5/Euro. A Matchbook Bonus Code is not necessary for the application. It is your deposit that entitles you to the Matchbook betting bonus. This must be done with a debit or credit card, otherwise you will be excluded from the Welcome Bonus.

How does the Cashback work? You can get up to 50 Euros back from the bets you place. You will need to collect points for this. 50 points gives you 50 euros. These Matchbook Points are awarded for every Euro you pay to commission. There is also one point for every 100 Euro lost or won. For every five Matchbook Points you have collected, you will be paid 5 Euros and this will continue until the 50 Euros are reached. The Matchbook Bonus is not the “best betting bonus”, but it may be worthwhile for players who bet a lot with high stakes.

Bonus conditions:

    • Matchbook: 50 Euro Cash-Back Bonus
    • Bonus type: Matchbook Cash-Back Bonus
    • maximum bonus amount: 50 Euro
    • payable: yes /li liSales requirement: none available /li liMinimum rate: none available /li liMatchbook Bonus Code: no Matchbook Bonus Code required

/ul h3What are the Matchbook Bonus conditions?/Once you have registered with the bookmaker and made your first deposit by debit or credit card, you are already eligible for the Matchbook Bonus. You do not need a Matchbook Bonus Code. The bonus terms and conditions stipulate that you will be credited with one Matchbook Point for every 100 Euros wagered and every 1 Euro commission. It does not matter whether you win or lose the bet. Also you do not have to pay attention to a certain odds. The only condition to redeem the Matchbook betting bonus is to make a deposit. Furthermore, you only have five weeks to release the cashback. There are no restrictions in the betting markets. You can therefore use safe sports bets to collect points. How much money do you have to wager to get the cashback of 50 Euros? As mentioned above, you get one point for every 100 Euro and every 1 Euro commission (which also requires a stake of 100 Euro). To earn 50 points, you need to wager 5,000 euros on sports betting within five weeks. That is a lot of money. The bonus is too risky for beginners. Even professional bettors can reach their limits here. In our opinion, the Matchbook betting bonus is therefore not worth the full amount.

How can the Matchbook bonus be paid out?

A Matchbook payout of the Matchbook bonus is possible as soon as the cashback has been successfully credited and you have fulfilled all bonus conditions, i.e. you have earned the cashback within the specified time. You do not need to enter a Matchbook Bonus Code to withdraw, but the bookmaker requires that you use the same payment method as when you made your deposit. There are no other criteria to redeem the bonus for Matchbook. As you are not bound to any minimum odds or betting market, you have the option of placing value bets, favourite bets or other safe betting tips and do not have to resort to risky bets. By the way, the best betting odds are on Bundesliga and Champions League bets as well as basketball and American football. The odds key can reach up to 98.5 percent. With all other sports the odds are not to be sneezed at either.

The Matchbook voucher code for 2019 lends itself to a variety of strategies. Inexperienced betting friends are advised to focus primarily on safe bets such as favourite bets, surebets, valuebets and betting markets such as under/over bets. As you have to bet a lot of money to get the cashback of 50 Euros, it is best to bet a lot of small amounts and also to acquire some expertise. The more you know about a sport, the better your chances of winning. With the following strategies you can play the Matchbook Bonus relatively risk-free. They are easy to implement.

      • Select bets with low odds
      • Bankroll management is important
      • Distribute money over several bets
      • Search for live favourite bets

These are the strategies for releasing the bonus:

Players who want to release the Matchbook Bonus, i.e. earn the cashback, have many options. However, you should decide beforehand whether you want to use bets with high odds or low odds. For the Matchbook Voucher we recommend sports betting with low odds to keep the risk as low as possible. After all you have to turn over 5.000 Euro to get the 50 Euro cashback (even with only 5 Euro cashback you need to bet 500 Euro). If you use low odds, the probability of the betting event occurring is high. You should also place many different bets and spread your stake over many different sports bets. If you want to bet 100 Euros, you should not place them all at once, but spread your stake over several bets and not bet more than one or two Euros per bet. Then a lost bet will not have a negative effect.

In addition it is worthwhile to select live bets with favorites, especially if the favorite is behind at the beginning of the game. Then the betting odds will increase further and you will benefit from a higher win. By comparing odds you can quickly find out the best sports bets. We can guarantee that Machtbook is the best sports betting provider in this area. By the way, to be always up to date with live betting, you should download the Matchbook app for mobile betting.

Wrongly cashed? Avoid mistakes with the Matchbook voucher

The Matchbook Bonus presents you with some challenges. Because the bookmaker does not make it easy for you to earn the cashback. You also have to choose the right deposit method, otherwise you will be excluded from the bonus. There is no Matchbook Bonus Code required, but it is not easy to release the cashback within the required time frame. To avoid any mistakes, we have summarized the stumbling blocks that you should avoid.

These are typical mistakes with the Matchbook Bonus

      • payment method wrongly chosen:Although the bonus is not bound to a Matchbook Bonus Code, but to a deposit. To qualify for the 50 Euro voucher, you must deposit with a credit or debit card. Transactions with an e-wallet, prepaid card or bank transfer are possible, but if you deposit for the first time using these methods, you will be automatically excluded from the bonus. This cannot be reversed. So make sure that you deposit with Visa, Mastercard or American Express, otherwise you can’t participate in the bonus program.
      • Collect points correctly:You can’t make a mistake when collecting points, but a Matchbook Bonus Point is only awarded if you convert 100 Euro or more into sports betting. This means that if you only bet 50 Euro in sports betting during the five weeks, you will not receive a single point! You also need to collect at least five points to benefit from a cashback of 5 Euros. In other words, you have to bet at least 500 euros in the given period. In order to collect the 50 points, you will therefore need to bet 5,000 euros. That is a lot of money. For beginners, we advise you not to earn more than 5 to 10 points, otherwise the risk is simply too great.
      • Bonus period not considered:The bookmaker Matchbook gives you a time frame of five weeks to earn the cashback. During this time you don’t have to release the cashback completely, but after this period you won’t be able to earn any more points. So if you want to reach the maximum amount of 50 Euros, you have to wager 5,000 Euros during the five weeks. After the bonus period has expired, you can cash out the cashback you have earned or use it for further sports betting. Before that, no payout is possible, neither of the winnings nor of the cashback sum.

Bonus rating: How do we rate the Matchbook Bonus?

The Matchbook Bonus is clearly not a classic new customer bonus. The cashback that the bookmaker offers is not really high in total (50 Euro). In order to benefit from the cashback, the new customer must first register and make a deposit using a credit or debit card. A Matchbook Bonus Code is not necessary. But the rollover is a tough one. You have to wager 5,000 Euros to get the maximum bonus amount of 50 Euros. This is clearly too much money. Especially since you have to do it in the first five weeks. Unfortunately the Matchbook Bonus is not really worth it. That’s a pity, because the bonus conditions are actually fair. There is no minimum quota, you don’t have to pay Matchbook tax and there are no other restrictions. You may use all sports bets for the bonus. We award 6 out of 10 points for this betting bonus.

6/10 points

The Matchbook bonus in practice

The bookmaker, who is licensed in the UK and is considered a reputable provider, gives new customers a cashback bonus of 50 Euros. Anyone wishing to use this bonus must first register with Matchbook and open an account. This is done in a few minutes. All you have to do is enter your address, email, postal address and telephone number. You do not need a Matchbook bonus code to open or apply for the bonus. However, you must make a deposit to qualify for the voucher. For the Matchbook deposit withdrawal you can choose between different payment methods, but for the Cashback Bonus only credit or debit card payments are allowed.

After the deposit you can start placing the sports bets. For every 100 Euro stake (spread over one or more bets) you will be credited with one point. With five points you will receive a partial payout of the cashback of five euros. To earn the 50 Euro bonus you need to collect 50 points. For this you need to place a total bet of 5.000 Euro. It’s up to you which sports bets you bet on, because you are not bound to a minimum quota. You may also use all betting markets. What you have to consider is the given time frame. You have five weeks to collect the points. After that, the promotion ends automatically. Please note that the Matchbook bonus is only valid once per family, per household, per IP address or computer: Matchbook Strengths beyond the betting bonus

The bookmaker Matchbook Germany does not have a really attractive new customer bonus, but a registration with this bookie is still recommended. Because currently no other provider offers such fantastic betting odds as Matchbook – in all sports. The odds key is 97 percent and even reaches 98.5 percent for important events. We have also found that even with less popular bets the odds do not fall below the 94 percent mark. Although Matchbook requires you to pay a 1.15% commission on each bet, even that doesn’t really affect the high odds. Another reason for registration is the lack of betting tax. In addition, the bookmaker has a varied betting program to offer. The focus is on American sports. Fans of basketball, baseball or American football should not think twice about registering.

According to our matchbook experience, the provider could improve in some points. The homepage and customer service are currently only available in English, which can lead to communication problems. The portfolio could be expanded a little bit more in the area of football. The same applies to the live betting centre. In our opinion there is too little choice here. It is also a pity that there is no live streaming. On the other hand, customers benefit from a high betting limit. In any case, we can recommend all sports fans who can do without a lucrative new customer bonus to register with this safe and reputable bookmaker who also has licenses from Great Britain and Alderney.

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