1. FC Cologne

1. FC Cologne

In the following we present our 2nd Bundesliga betting tip prediction. However, we would like to deal with the mating itself a little before. VfL Bochum receives 1. FC Köln. The duel will take place in the Vonovia Ruhrstadion in Bochum. It is the 1st matchday of the 18/19 season and kicks off on Saturday, 4 August 2018 at 13:00. With this we have said the important things and can try to analyze as safe betting tips as possible.

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VfL Bochum vs. 1. FC Köln in quick succession

  • Pairing: VfL Bochum – 1st FC Köln
  • Competition: 2nd Bundesliga 2018/19
  • Round: 1st matchday
  • To kick off: Saturday, 04. August 4, 2018 at 1 p.m.: Vonovia Ruhrstadion, Bochum: 6th place, 48 points, 37:40 goals, FC Köln: 18th place, 22 points, 35:70 goals, FC Köln: 18th place, 22 points, 35:70 goals, FC Köln: 6th place, 48 points, 37:40 goals, FC Köln: 18th place, 22 points, 35:70 goals. Bundesliga betting tip prediction: number games
    • 70 goals against: The Cologne team had to swallow last season
    • 22 points: The relegation of the billy goats was recently sealed before the 34th matchday. 14 victories: Go to the Cologne team in 23 direct encounters. 9 victories: Stay for Bochum; thus only 4 games ended in a draw. 3 out of 5: The last match, however, was decided by VfL. Bundesliga forecast: Form curve of the teamsWe start our 2nd Bundesliga forecast with an overview of the form of the teams. Because this factor is essential for our betting tips in the sports betting comparison. Bochum plays at home. Therefore we start with the team from the Ruhrpott. And indeed, the form looks very good. When we look back on the last seven games, we can see three wins, three draws and only one defeat. Doesn’t sound exhilarating? Yes, it does, because for six games in a row, the Bochum team hasn’t gone broke. And with this knowledge in their luggage, VfL will start the season against the Cologne team.We would like to look at the results shortly. We also have to record the messed up final of last season. Because at Union Berlin the Bochum team lost 1:3 and at home against Jahn Regensburg it was only enough for a 1:1. After that a 17:0 is written down in the preparation against SJK Adler Riemke. However, it was still only enough for a 2-2 draw against FC Brunninghausen. But the real test matches, against Zurich (3:0), Stoke City (2:0) and AS Monaco (2:2) were mastered with bravura.

      Cologne: Does the elevator go up again ?

      To round off our betting tips from professionals, of course we also look at the form of the Cologne. But in the last seven encounters we only discover two victories. Have the billy goats found such tough opponents or are they simply not in form just before the start of the season? Because two draws and three defeats seem threatening at first glance. After all, the Cologners can claim not to have lost the last three games. And there were already one or two heavy hunks.

      The Cologne team said goodbye to last season with a 1:3 at home against Munich and a 1:4 away in Wolfsburg. Then the preparation started with a 5:2 in Eichstätt. The guest appearance in Bonn was even lost with 0:1. And against Wuppertal it was only enough for a 2:2. Afterwards the test against Watford was on the schedule. A 1:1 is not a bad result here. In the end, we even managed to win against SV Werder Bremen from the 1st Bundesliga with 1:0.

      Appraisal: Bochum has the stronger form. But the victory of the Cologne team over Werder Bremen shows that the FC can be expected.

      Statistic and direct comparison

      The teams met in the 2nd league, in the Bundesliga and also in some friendly matches. It is therefore hardly surprising that 27 matches have already been played against each other. However, Cologne won over 50 percent of these matches. That is 14 wins. Bochum won 9 times. So there are only 4 draws left. And so the last five games ended from the Bochum perspective: 0:1, 3:0, 1:3, 1:0 and 2:1. So here VfL wins with 3:2 wins over Cologne. Marginal fact: The last two home games in the 2nd Bundesliga were won by the Bochum team against the Cologne team.

      Are goal tips an option ?

      If we look back on the last season of the Bochum team, which ended rather mau with 37:40 goals, few goals are more likely. Last season, the Cologne team played against Munich, Dortmund and Co. As relegated players, it is only logical that the scoring record is poor with 35:70 goals. In the last five games of the direct comparison, the goal balance incidentally adds up to a 7:5 from the Bochum side’s point of view. Here are the results: 0:1, 3:0, 1:3, 1:0 and 2:1. interesting: two times under 1.5 and three times over 2.5. If we limit this to the Bochum home games it looks like this: 0:1, 1:0 and 2:1. now the under-goal wins according to our 2nd Bundesliga forecast.

      rating: Hard to say who the favorite is. Few goals seem to be an option.

      Wett-Tips today for VfL Bochum – 1. FC Köln

      What makes us think that few goals could be scored here. Quite simple: The Bochum team was already a grey mouse last season. Although they played in the upper midfield, they couldn’t convince with their offensive power, but with their stable defense. Cologne got many goals in league one. But we are sure that it will not continue like this in the House of Commons. In fact, we even see the relegated team as slightly favoured here.

      How good are the odds for VfL Bochum – 1. FC Köln?

      The Under 3.5 goals is a good option. Because Betway offers here a odds of 1.30. Whoever bets on the Under 2.5 goal, Bet3000 will even credit a betting odds of 1.80. Indeed, we believe in an immediate return of the Cologne team to the 1st Bundesliga. An opening victory would set the course in the right direction ahead of time. Furthermore, the odds of 2.65 are also suitable for a Unibet Bonus. In this regard, the game should be noted.

      Appraisal: Cologne is a relegated team and can regularly be found in the 1st Bundesliga. We see the billy goats as favourites on the 1st matchday and are betting on the away win with a quota of 2.65 at Unibet.

      betting recommendations from the editorial staff

      You want to place a bet on this match with low, medium or high risk? Then we have three suitable sports bets, the selection of which we also explain below.

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